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Higher Payload

Our 20′ Asep Tank carries about 40% more product per 20′ box container of drums, 15% more then IBCs, and 50% more than a bottled consignment For the equivalent shipping space, Asep tanks carry a far greater quantity of product.

Furthermore, because every Asep tank is pressurized and sealed, you can avoid product lost from spillage and leftover product waste associated with bins, bags and drums.

Reduce Labor Costs

Eliminate the inefficiencies of multiple drum/IBC filling, discharge, and waste disposal. “1” Asep Tank can dramatically reduce the amount of labor required for the product handling of drums/IBC, while still carrying a higher payload.

Avoid the costs associated with multiple drum stacking and storage, loading and unloading by upgrading to Asep’s all-in-one integrated tank system!

Reduce Packaging

The packaging associated with drums, IBCs, and flexibags are costly and unsustainable.

Asep Tanks are reusable and eliminates the need to purchase packaging for every shipment. Also, packaging decreases product payload, while the eco-friendly footprint of an Asep Tank ensure maximum capacity for you bulk liquid-food products.

Product Quality

You can count on Asep tanks maintaining consistent premium product quality. Our stainless-steel tanks are made with the highest quality materials dedicated for the safe and hygienic transport of food-grade products. Asep tanks are preferred over Bins and Bag packaging, which have been reported to cause product discoloration and flavor distortion due to leaching.

Additionally, by going Aseptic, you maintain your product’s purity by reducing stressful processes such as double pasteurization which can modify color, aroma, flavor, and destroy nutrients and active principles.

Food Safety

Aseptic is not only synonymous with quality but also safety. By transporting aseptic, the quality of your product can be expressed in terms of grades and levels. By taking out variables of the end product, allows a higher level of safeness and guarantees the best results.

All Asep tanks are tested, certified and approved by issue of a safety certificate (CSC), while the bins and bag in the box systems require no test regulation.

Product Integrity

It can be said that the less a product is handled, the lesser chance it faces risk to contamination and exposure to external elements. Transporting your products via a single Asep tank eliminates the headache of handling over a hundred drums, while still delivering a higher payload.

To enhance product integrity, Asep tanks equipped with PLC devices, pressure and tempurature loggers are available to track product condition throughout the shipping cycle.

Easy Operation

With a simple and convenient connection, Asep tanks are quickly loaded and unloaded with equipment designed to seamlessly integrate with most systems and facilities.

Furthermore, food producers and processors have made the upgrade to Asep Tanks due to the convenience of handling a single tank rather then hundreds and hundreds of drums and bins.


Supply Chain Efficiency

The versatility of an Asep Tank allows it to travel by road, rail, and sea, enabling us to provide a true door-to-door shipping solution designed to eliminate costly inefficiencies in your supply chain.

Also, transporting bulk aseptically with Asep tanks eliminates the need for additional aseptic or pasteurization processing/storage facilities.

Reduce your capital investments by going Asep!

Better Time Management

Reduce the loading, unloading, stacking and storage time associated with bins, bags and drums.

Asep Tanks and its 24,000 L capacity can be filled and discharged in as little as 30 minutes.

More Efficiency. Less Cost.