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Where We Serve

We are currently expanding our services to South America, and additional Asian, European and Pacific regions.

What We Serve

All our tanks are dedicated to food-grade products, including but not limited to: fruit juice concentrate and not from concentrate, milk, wine, potable water, coconut liquids, corn sweetener, corn syrup and edible oils.

Sustainability for your Business

Upgrading to Asep Tanks makes environmental sense as well as economic sense. A study done by logistic specialists at LCP Consulting has shown intermodal tanks to be a leading eco-friendly form of transportation.

Asep tanks are stackable, reusable, and take up less carbon footprint, resulting in a more sustainable and greener form of transportation. Furthermore, tanks avoid the product waste and disposal issues associated with bags and drums.

We are in the process of receiving carbon-neutral certification, enabling us to help our customers manage their carbon compliance issues.